President of Tanta University’s Speech for The Fourth International Environmental Forum

The 4th International Environmental Forum of Tanta University
“Green Environment and Sustainable Development”
Development and technological advances have recently accelerated worldwide. Despite their many positive impacts in all fields, they have a lot of negative effects that caused environmental problems such as pollution, lack of food security, natural resources depletion, and climate changes. Therefore, working out radical solutions to environmental problems has become urgent through giving the environmental dimension great interest in development policies of all world states. Hence, environmental work at Tanta University in Community Service and Environmental Development Sector is applying sustainable development strategy and Egypt’s vision 2030 that aims to improve quality of life in present without compromising the right of future generations to have a better life. Thereupon, the concept of development adopted by the strategy relies on three main dimensions namely the economic, social and environmental ones. Thus, the role of the 4th Environmental Forum organized by the University has an outstanding role that started in the three previous rounds of the forum and found solutions for many environmental problems. The 4th round of the Forum will continue offering solutions to urgent issues. Its pivots will include environmental hazards and their relation to human general health, how to achieve sustainability of natural resources, how to find solutions to food security problems, methods of amending and developing environmental legislations, space technology and its environmental applications and other pivots that discuss various problems and innovative workable solutions. Moreover, the forum always seeks to enhance regional and international cooperation as it hosts scientists from Egyptian and world universities. Therefore, it eventually contributes to exchange of experience and taking many measures, protective procedures and policies that reduce environmental problems.

Prof. Dr. Magdi Abdelraof
Tanta University President
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