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Based on the pioneering role of Tanta University in community service and environmental development and its commitment to achievement of sustainable development goals “Egypt 2030” in accordance with international standards of keeping the environment, and to fulfill its world commitments and its responsibility towards solving environmental problems and studying negative impacts on the environment; the University organizes the 4th international environmental forum under the title “Green Environment and Sustainable Development” as a distinguished scientific congress for discussing the three dimensions of sustainable development namely the economic dimension, the social dimension and the environmental one. The world is now moving towards green growth. Hence, we have to adopt concepts of green economy and green energy and to apply their actual mechanisms in addition to having environmental investment, allowing participation of private sector and small and medium enterprises, cooperation with ministries, related bodies and civil society, and making use of different experiences. Furthermore, we should encourage researchers, businessmen and all people interested in keeping the environment, preventing its deterioration, protecting natural resources, and keeping rights of next generations through presenting scientific papers, proposals and agendas that include various pivots and through holding many workshops on environment to increase awareness about protecting nature. Moreover, intensive focus is given to applying developmental policies that integrate the environmental dimension and keep balance between priorities of economic growth and the environmental dimension. Those policies can stop environmental deterioration and limit the effect of climate changes so that coming generations can have clean and safe environment and future natural resources can be kept.

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