Word of University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development

The 4th International Environmental Forum of Tanta University
“Green Environment and Sustainable Development”
Sustainable development is one of the most significant issues in the national agenda of Egypt's developmental vision 2030. This agenda aims to achieve the targeted development goals of the country and helps to realize dreams and aspirations of Egyptian people as for having a suitable and decent life. As a result of advancements and developmental leaps in Egypt currently, many negative effects on the environment have appeared. Hence, the role played by Egyptian universities in cooperation with concerned state bodies has become important for dissemination of environmental awareness and finding out tangible applicable solutions to different environmental problems. Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at Tanta University has given great interest to protection of environment and natural resources and to reduction of their consumption through organizing the fourth round of the international environmental forum entitled “Green Environment and Sustainable Development” whose pivots include working out solutions to all environmental problems with participation of scientists from all Egyptian universities and experts from world states seeking to exchange experience and to fulfill the goal of Egypt that is sustainable development. Furthermore, the fourth forum has set a target and has drawn up an obvious strategic plan that aims to protect the environment and natural resources from environmental abuses which result into harming the natural resources. In addition, it aims to demonstrate how to manage environmental wastes, to make use of them, and to improve educational programs at the University in order to increase students’ environmental awareness and to sharpen their skills of innovation and creativity so as to reach logical solutions for environmental problems.

Prof. Dr. Emad Etman
Vice President of Tanta University For Environmental and Community Affairs
Chairman of the Forum
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