Environmental Education in the Digital Age             No Of Abstract is : 0  
Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Yasser Abdelreheem Bayomy
Faculty : Vice Dean of the College of Education for Community Service and Environmental Development
Email : yasserbayomy175@hotmail.com
Mobile : 01221315650
  The recent developments of our contemporary world have contributed to attracting attention to the environment, its protection and preservation through environmental awareness processes and through urging community members to protect nature, and through indicating how the era of digitization has contributed to the empowerment of a steady and systematic environmental education, both through social media via its multiple windows like (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram ... Etc.), or through electronic groups or other social sites that have their positive effects on the citizen, by urging him to actively exploit these modern technological means to raise awareness of the importance of the environment and the need to preserve and protect it, and raising environmental awareness among young people to create new generations capable of carrying and fully following the trust of the environment, according to the latest methods with a conscious methodology and capability. In recent years, the focus on the environment, its problems, and issues have increased. The impact of the damage has increased considerably, despite the multiplicity of laws and legislations made by developed and under-developed countries to raise environmental awareness and to reduce the wrong environmental behaviors towards the environment to preserve it. The educational system with its various institutions and bodies will remain the most appropriate place to prepare the future generation properly. It shall be an effective element for the protection of the environment, the improvement of the living framework, and the achievement of sustainable development.  
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