Accommodation Places during the Forum
: The first system
Accommodation inside the Tulip Hotel, which is decided to host the forum
Room Accommodation
Single Room (per night based on BB) L.E. 1570
Double Room (per night based on BB) L.E. 1760

: The Second System
Mecca Hotel
Suite for 3 persons Suite for 4 persons Suite for 5 persons Double Room Single Room
900 L.E 1000 L.E 1050 L.E 700 L.E 500 L.E
12% service + VAT (value added tax)

The Third System:
Jeddah Hotel
Single Room L.E 450
Double Room L.E 550
Suite for 2 Persons L.E 650
Suite for 4 Persons L.E 1000
Additional Person L.E 150
Prices include all taxes, services and VAT
The Fourth System:
Eatabe Alexandria Hotel
Single Room L.E 1700
Double Room L.E 1900
Private Suite L.E 2400
Single Suite L.E 2600
Prices include service and taxes

The Fifth System:
Furnished apartments near the hotel where the forum is held :
Two rooms L.E 500 per day
Two rooms L.E 600 per day
Three rooms L.E 800 per day
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