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Climate change is an existential threat to the world, and delaying action to reduce it urgently cannot be tolerated by the world and increases challenges that may affect the future of the next generations. The United Nations Convention on Climate Change, which established a set of principles and commitments for environment protection the adoption of the Paris Convention on Inventory of emissions lists , including measures to mitigate climate change - the COP 26 Forum, and 2022 COP 27 – Egypt is working to turn this challenge into an opportunity for green growth and development, in case of all parties fulfill their obligations and take their responsibilities on which global climate action is based. As part of this, Tanta University is organizing the Fifth International Environmental Forum. (TUEF2022) as a scientific platform for climate change and its impact on key elements, (Food, water, energy and health) showing technological development and how to use it to create an intelligent environment that embraces the availability of information, the acceleration of digital technology, Internet-related systems and smart cities that present real opportunities for solving the problems of environment and promoting an integrated and sustainable ecosystem that promotes Flexibility and resilience to face natural hazards and reduces the effects of climate change; And create tools that quickly help dealing with environmental threats. It also provides a comprehensive picture of how to deal with threats related to biodiversity and climate change in the areas of sustainable food production and environmental health, access to clean and safe drinking water and green energy uses. We are therefore pleased to extend a kind invitation to you to participate in and attend TUEF 22, which will be held on 18-21 July 2022 in Grand hotel Port Said City, Port Said Province, Egypt.

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