President of Tanta University’s Speech for The Third International Environmental Forum  

Our environment has actual gross changes because of human performance. Such changes because of industrial development can be manifested in the reduction of the natural resources, the deterioration of its jungles, seas, oceans and the pollution all over the earth.
Such changes require reconciliation between human and environment by diagnosing the problems and the dangers that threaten the earth. Strategic plans should be put and achieved to limit these existing dangers.
Thus, I deeply thank Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Dabaon, the vice president of Social Service Affairs and Environmental Development in Tanta University, for organizing the Third International Forum entitled" Environmental Pollution: Problem and Solution". This forum mainly discusses the monitoring of the weather changes that have affected the environment and the environmental pollution. This point is followed by the discussion of the national plans to solve the current environmental problems and the roles of the governmental and private organizations to solve such problems via increasing environmental awareness of how to deal safely with technology to achieve his interest and at the same time to limit the pollution.
May God bless you all.

  Prof. Dr. Abdel Hakim Abdel Khalik Khalil
Tanta University President

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