Secretary General of the Forum  

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
It is a great pleasure to welcome you in the 3rd International Environmental Forum of the Tanta University, which is held under the title: "Environmental pollution: the problem and the solution." That forum, which includes eighteen topics, each is considered as a specialized conference, and displays two hundred papers cover all environmental aspects and proposes scientific and practical solutions for their treatment. Your participation in this elegant event among more than 180 outstanding scientists from more than 16 Egyptian Universities and Institutes and eighteen distinguished scientists from eleven foreign countries brings a great honor for Tanta University.
I welcome you all, on behalf of thirteen Faculties from Tanta University that have combined their efforts to bring this event in its best picture.
I would like to thank both the scientific and organizing committees from various Faculties, whose efforts helped us to present this integrated work that we see today. I also thank the Egyptians and foreign guests who shared us their time and knowledge to achieve one of the goals of this Forum, " safe environment for safe humanity".I wish you fruitful scientific days.

  Prof. Dr. Ahmed AS Shakal
Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine for Education and Student Affairs
Secretary General of the Forum

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