The speech of the Chairman of the Forum  

The springboard of Tanta University’s vision is to reach excellence and leadership at the local and international level. Thus this forum matches the vision of spreading environmental awareness and the solution of environmental pollution problems and the environmental dangers at the local and the international levels.
With collaboration of more than11 international universities, this third international forum is a simple contribution from Tanta University to highlight Egypt rank in solving environmental pollutionaffairs. The forum will be hold from 12 to 14 July 2016 entitled "Environmental pollution: problem and solution". The forum covers 16 points eg. medical dispositions, newand renewal energy,recycling, climate changes….etc.
Regarding the importance of environment the dangers that the Egyptian environment may be exposed to at the same time of Egypt fast development to be a developed country, Tanta University aims at the benefit from the international experiments to save the environment and to achieve ongoing development in Egypt.
The contribution of the Egyptian scientists and the contribution of the world countries will positively affect the solution of problems in Egypt and in other countries. This forum is also considered as Egyptian contribution to participate in protecting environment at both the local and the international levels.

  Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. Dabaon
Vice President of Tanta University For Environmental and Community Affairs
Chairman of the Forum

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