The speech of the Vice Chairman of the Forum  

Welcome to the third international environmental forum "environmental pollution: the problem and the solution," organized by the community service and environmental developmentsector of Tanta University-Egypt, from 12 to 14 July 2016. This forum contains many topics that discuss the technological, economic and climatic variables as well as misguided environmental practices that left a clear impact on human and environment with a lot of environmental problems (human health, pollution of soil, water, air and vegetation). We appreciate your cooperation with Tanta University; Egyptian & foreign universities, research center's, non-governmental organizations and companiesare more than welcome to participate in the forum to spot problems, solutions, evaluate patterns and methods of using renewable resources as well as to assess human interaction and awareness with its environment and resources. The forum aims to gather researchers to exchange scientific research results, innovative ideas and experience for the preservation of the environment. We hope to find many researchers involved in environmental sciences at the Forum.

  Prof. Dr. Tarek Z Fouda
Vice Dean of Faculty of Agriculture For Environmental and Community Affairs
Vice Chairman of the Forum

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