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Holding 3rd International Environmental Forum in Tanta, not only highlights the University’s efforts and activities in field of the environment and community service, but also confirms that the concern for clean environment is no longer a matter of scientific and societal luxury, but provides important and essential resource in management and planning process for sustainable development in states that search for place among the ranks of emerging nations at the world level.
The best evidence of the importance of this forum is the multiplicity of its axes, the participation at the level of university’s faculties, and the intensity of research partnership on international, regional and local levels. This Forum has covered nearly twenty hubs, as the University’s colleges contend in an unprecedented manner where the faculties previously considered as theoretical, does not exceed their concerns beyond lessons and lectures halls, have actively participate to contribute to the process of the advancement of scientific research, applied at the university level along with the faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, and Science. The research participation exceeded about 200 researches and posters covering all forum topics, from different nationalities representing European, American, Arab and African beside Egyptian Universities.
My Greetings go to everyone who makes his efforts for this forum and may God crown these efforts with success for Tanta University and sector environment and community in particular

  Prof. Mohammad Zaki Elsedemy
Dean of Faculty of Arts Vice Chairman of the Forum for Information and Media

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